Only broke it once so far!

Really need to disable that home button when there isn’t a home position… On a side note, it can lift itself off the floor as long as it isn’t screwed down!!

Here’s it’s second run. Had to try the Aztec calander. Problem is it’s still just sitting on the floor in my office and the paper is sitting on top of a cisco router box with a shelf board sitting on top of that. Nothing is secured or even leveled, but hey, it’s moving!!

Turned out better than I expected. Had to kill the print, it wasn’t touching the paper anymore.

Found that the connector broke, must have been when it was doing pushups…

Got it in it’s new home in the barn!

Built a 4 foot square torsion box for the bed. It’s 4" deep, actually I guess it would be 5.5" deep with the top and bottom added. Happened to have a couple kitchen cabinets to attach it to in the barn. Eventually I want to expand it out a bit so I can fit a 4 foot square piece of wood under it for a table top I’m thinking about building.

Very cool. I am so close myself. I have a day or two more of printing and all my parts are going to be here tomorrow.

I like the cabinet idea. I bet I could get two ugly cabinets from a restore pretty cheap. I will have to look into that this week.

I also like your box on the top. I was thinking of making a surface similar to the “paulk” workbenches. They have holes every 4" to put clamps. Paulk likes to spend $40 on german engineered festool clamps, but this sweaty guy in this youtube video has a hack that makes $4 harbor freight clamps work. Seems like it would fit well with your box, you’d have to make holes in the front for your arms to go through. This guy’s videos have great production quality. Unfortunately, he’s a red wings fan :frowning: .

I use those same HF clamps on my table. but I was milling out the printer panels last night and figured out he holes are a bit too far apart might need some extra ones. Other than that it works great, and the top of those clamps are a little less than an inch tall I think.

Barry that was a very ambitious design to plot, looks awesome too bad it didn’t finish. I love your work space, man I am super jealous of that.
As for that coupler the next one you put on there put it on so it touches the bearing in the z mount, kinda trapped in there, should relieve the vertical stresses on it.

Oh yeah, you wouldn’t want the handle side on top, because of the interference with the bit. So you’d have to have all that inside the bench… I’ll have to think about that. Maybe I can just keep or cut them short. Most of what I can think of to cut is 3/4" or smaller ply, thin plastic or aluminum plates, and maybe some dimensional 2"x4", which would be about 1.5" high, so I could get by most of the time with pretty short clamps.

I bet you could get by with just making closer holes in a small area of the workspace. Larger objects should have a problem moving it so that it can be clamped, right?

Yea, I was lusting after his benches for a while as well. I’ve been thinking of making a few of them, but instead of making the saw horses for the bases, I was going to use threaded black pipe attached to the walls. Then cut holes in the sides so I can slide the tables over up against the walls of the shop. I’m a big fan of not having legs get in the way of work areas. Makes it easier to clean up. This room is just one part of my barn. The original barn was built in the 1830’s or so and is a bank barn, so it has a basement. Downstairs I have my forge set up in one of the old horse stalls.

What!!! So lucky! Can I move in a set up shop at your place?! A forge, dang you got all the cool toys.