Optix Acrylic sheet (Lowes), Dewalt 660, Trochoidal cutting

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2mm-ish thick. Leftovers from another project. I used blue painters tape to hold it down. One on the board, one on the plastic. Superglue the tape to each other with kicker to set it faster. When done it just peels right off!

Estlcam settings
1/8" 2 flute upcut endmill
500mm/m x/y feed
100mm/m z feed
30% stepover
20% trochoidal step
50% trochoidal width
.05mm oscillation

That will test out them steppers and drivers lol.

How does that compare to just straight up cutting it normally? Looks like decent speed and no melting.

I couldn’t do a successful cut in acrylic with just a straight cut but I was able to using the trochoidal cutting.

Yea, I torqued off a bit trying to do a straight cut.

It’s a shame I’m going to have to cut it up later. Have to cut the end off to fit the router mount.

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