Ottawa, ON, Canada - MPCNC Primo for sale

13" x 25" was what was used in the build calculator with the standard Z height.

500W Daedalus spindle, SKR 1.3 + TMC2209 drivers, OMC Online steppers ( 59Ncm 2A ), Meanwell DIN rail mounted 24v PSU

eSUN PLA+ parts

Gates belts

SKR 1.3, Marlin firmware, PWM to analog converter for full spindle control and direction control as well.
Shielded wires for all steppers, 6 conductors, but only using 4 in conjunction with sensorless homing that works GREAT! Shielded 4 conductor for spindle (wanted a 4th to ground the spindle for homing, didn’t get around to it)

3.5" Touchscreen TFT with USB/SDCARD inputs to run gcode

Giant heavy NEMA enclosure.

I will assume we aren’t shipping the 3/4" EMT conduit except for the Z axis perhaps due to shipping costs, but it’s your money!

500$ + shipping, OBO.

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This still available ? Do you have some pics?

I’m not far from Ottawa


Sold, sorry!

no worries