Panic button


Is it possible to connect a panic button?
Or only possible by interrupting the power supply?

Kind regards Bit

If you use an LCD interface you could wire a larger button in parallel with the little tack stop button. If not, you might still be able to find the pins it uses on the ramps board and look at the firmware to see if you need to enable that input.

You could also interrupt the power supply some way. Just make sure you switch is rated for how much the power supply can draw or more. Alternatively you could use a power strip and just flip the off button.

Thx Nerdy,

Otherwise just the reset button in parallel?

I believe the only way to have a true panic button with Ramps is to cut the power or reset the ramps. Because the commands are buffered, there is no way to make the machine stop immediately. It is possible with GRBL but not with Ramps.

Thanks Karltinsly,

Then i will make 2 buttons.

1 black stop button (reset)

1 RED real panic button (cut power)