Parts if I do not have 3D printer

Are there any options for printed parts if I don’t have a 3D printer. Would the cost of a sufficient printer cover the cost of having someone printing them for me? The MPCNC parts are relatively inexpensive but I don’t see any for lowrider on the site.

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I have a set ready for sale. I have been testing out a basic ramps/rambo mount. I should be good to go by this evening.


I’ve also been looking at potential parts to use instead of printing them on a 3d printer.

Being able to construct this using just a CNC mill and off-the-shelf items would be fantastic.

[li]The centre assembly could have the bearings replaced with SC25UU 25mm linear bearings (unfortunately expensive).[/li]
[li]An aluminium version of the stepper mount on the Z Assembly can be purchased pre-made on amazon. I’m not too sure about the tube brackets on the z assembly[/li]
[li]The side assembly could use spacers and more linear bearings, a couple of those bits would be tricky to find purchasable replacements for, though.[/li]

Mike it sounds like you want a whole different machine. I did not build mine that way for many reasons the first being cost and availability. As you point out those large bearings are expensive but what is even more expensive would be the large diameter hardened polished rods to run them on, being able to cut them to length and not ruin the nice bearings with all the dirt we produce.

I have all the printed parts for sale again, no need for a printer.

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Unfortunately I was stung with a pretty huge customs/import cost when I bought my MPCNC parts, worth way more than the cost of the printed bits!

I’ve had to do a few small prints of individual parts but struggling to find a reliable printing company. Maybe I should look at getting myself my own 3d printer.

I would. I’ve found that having both has really opened up what I can do. I’m working on a project now that has both milled and printed parts depending on it’s use on the device.