Parts rambo or ramps

Hi everyone. Newbie here trying to collect the stuff for lowrider.From the parts list on lowrider Page i can see only ramperatesps, on mpcnc i see rambo or mini rambo required. So the lowrider operates on ramps and rambo is not needed? Did i get it right? Thanks

Ramperatesps means ramps!

You can use any of the Ramps, mini-Rambo, or Rambo on the LowRider. I’m using the mini-Rambo on mine. Just use the correctly configured firmware from the firmware page or github. The LowRider uses the MPCNC version.

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Something for Ryan. Is it going to be available a kit for lowrider soon in the shop?

Yup, I have spent a lot of time on it that last few days. Here, are my updates.