Pause and resume for filament changes mid print

How do i do this in repitier? i am using repitier in conjunction with slic3r and can not figure out how to pause, change filament and resume mid print. can anyone help with this?

Doesn’t the Start button turn into a pause button when you are printing?

in repitier v1.6.1 i have a “Print” button in the print preview tab after running slic3r. don’t see a start button.

This doesn’t happen for you?


This doesn’t happen for you?


well now i feel like an idiot, i never noticed that before since it is greyed out on mine i just assumed it wasn’t available. now i need to figure out how to run a gcode script to retract filament, and move the z up and stuff. thanks man. learn something new every day.

Do you have a specific script you like to use during printing to change filament. i now remember where the custom scripts are hidden and was wondering if there is a good one out here in vicous1 land?

I just use pause and resume. Takes under a minute to switch filament.

I believe the pause button,and return X to 0 for filament change only works in manual control, I run from a sd. card and that option does not work

I have been searching for gcode to add but nothing so far , any suggestions?

You can pause it, use manual controls to change filament, the hit resume snd it will continue on the same place as long as you only use the manual controls to move and don’t push the carriage by hand.