Peristaltic Pump as Paste Extruder

Does anyone try to use Peristaltic Pump as Paste Extruder?
I am trying with this pump:

It seams that it should work with right settings and maybe denser materials. I am not shure that it would have nice constant flow.

I try with some sort of liquid caramel but it is not that dense and I am still experiment with settings.
If someone know for good tutorial about marlin and repetier host settings for paste please post link.

I try to made simple circle but flow was too high :slight_smile:

Not sure how accurate you really want to be you could either do some math with the tube size and amount of rotation to get volume or a graduated cylinder would probably be super easy.

Or if you are trying to quick and dirty fun stuff you could just do eeprom edits of the extruder steps per mm until you find what looks best.