PLA not sticking at all.

Need some more help folks. Here is what my specs are:

Bed level to with 0.02mm in all 4 corners
X Axis level to within 0.02mm also
Z Axis home (end stop) is set so that the extruder head is close enough to the bed that a 0.04mm feeler gauge just barely fits under it.
3M Scotch Blue Advanced Edge-Lock painters tape on a glass plate.
Extruder heated to 200c
Bed heated to 60c

For some reason, the PLA is just all balling up under the extruder and not sticking. The G-code I’m running has the Z Axis set to 0.2mm for the first layer. Here is a link to the thingiverse file I’m using:

I will try to post up a video of what is happening but for now here is a picture.

Any thoughts on where to begin to troubleshoot this??

Not really sure but I have only ever used plain 3M blue tape. Not sure about scotch or edge lock. If it is anything like hairspray, it matters.

Thanks Ryan, I will go out tomorrow and get some regular stuff then and give that a shot. Do my tolerances seem within reason to you?

Yeah, if it touches the bed it should pretty much stick. The tolerances don’t really come into play for a few layers when it might curl.

I have had good luck with the cheap-o painters tape, I have never tried the edge lock stuff. Might be able to rough it up with some fine sandpaper to help. Not sure what you have under that tape, but if its glass you can try bare glass or glass with glue stick if you have it. There shouldn’t be enough room for the filament to curl up on the first layer… do you have a M851 Z-offset loaded that could be causing issues?


The blue tape has some kind of plastic in it (pva, I think), which is why it works. I don’t know about other tape types.

When you get a little closer just know that the actual numbers are just a guide. The way the plastic gets laid down will tell you more than the numbers.

Thanks for all the suggestions and tips. I checked the tape I have and it seems to be very “slick” (I’m guessing so paint doesn’t stick to it easily so made that’s causing the issue. I do have a glass plate and glue sticks (from my kids) so I might give those a shot as well as getting “normal” blue tape tomorrow. I’m not sure about an M851 command but I’ll check. My settings are Ryan’s default firmware and the slic3er settings he recommends.

M851 is only for leveling, so I doubt it’s enabled.

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@jeffb3 is correct, sorry I have been too used to running my printer that probes with a bltouch, please ignore my comment about M851 :wink: