Plant Stand

My wife asked for a small stand to sit her plants on with engraving on top. This is what I came up with and she is happy. I count that as another win for the MPCNC team.


No caterpillar? No hookah? Am dissapoint…


You know the saying, One is never enough. I’m waiting for the order for more. I told her I was out of wood so that might buy me some time.


So glad my wife doesn’t know about this forum. I made ONE plant stand for her… ONE TIME… That’s all it took. Honey-do grew by 12 pages over night. Great. And now you go and post this.

Kidding! But amazing plant stand! Love those mushrooms on the top!

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Her list isn’t up to 12 pages yet, but she did ask me to build a kitchen island. I guess she decided not to waste my time on the small stuff… Looks like I need to stock up on supplies.

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