Print quality question

For the most part this print looks good but the bridging isn’t great in the holes as you can see. Normally I would just throw supports there but it is recommended to not print with supports. Is this OK or do I need to do some more tinkering?

That looks fine to me. They are mostly decorative. The screw (I think, not the nut) needs to fit in that hole. But I bet it will be fine.

I wouldn’t worry about it. If you really wanted to add supports, you could. But the parts are designed to not need them. I hate them enough that I wouldn’t add them here.

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It may just be the image playing tricks on me, but your first layer seems to have warped. Is the bottom flat? If not, you might want to add a brim.

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Mine was similar and I didn’t have any issues. I had prioritized speed over high fidelity at the time because I wanted to get going.:grin:

As @OutlawECHO stated, the image does give the impression that the part lifted while printing so you might want to make sure there are no assembly issues with the mating parts. But the strange reflections may be due to the lightning? Good luck with your build!

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