Printed 25mm version and my tubes are 25.4mm, what can i keep?


A friend of mine told me he have a 25mm stainless tubes he can cut for me, he said it’s 25mm and not 25.4. So i started printing the first patch of the parts from the Burly F group (25mm), the parts i printed so far are:

  • Bottom_Corner / BottomM_Corner
  • Lock-Corner / LockM-Corner
  • Top-Corner / TopM-Corner
  • Gantry_Spacer
  • Nut_Trap_Burly
My question is, can I use any of the printed parts?

I tested pushing the tube inside the LockCorner and it entered by applying a moderate force.

Most likely none of it. They’ll eventually crack.

I sanded the LockCorner a little bit, and now the tubes fit snugly.

The TopCorner and BottomCorner fit without any force.

The GantrySpacer and NutTrap seems ok too.

Isn’t this enough?

The rest of the parts will be printed 25.4

Definitely reprint the gantry spacer. It’s not the same length and will seriously screw up your middle assembly. And plus it’s no big deal to reprint.

Nut traps are fine, they are not different for different sizes.

I have a couple of Off days next week and wanted to use them to start the build, so i want to try and finish the printing before :slight_smile:

If so i might change my print settings to 0.3mm layer height instead of 0.25mm to accelerate the print time, my extruder diameter is 0.4mm

Hmph… I thought that might be the case, but I thought my other parts had just shrunk with the cheapo filament I had used. I’ll have to reprint my spacers… le sigh

I’m re-printing the parts, except the nut trapper.

I have Prusa MK3, I changed my printer settings to 0.25mm layer, print speed 100mm/s. But what made the most difference in the print time was the infill pattern changed it to rectilinear and it cut down the expected print time in ~15%

Yea, squares or triangles are faster infill and just as strong. The honeycomb looks cool, but sloooooow. I think the gyroid is pretty fast too, since it’s just curvy lines.