Printed support legs and router mount needed!

I need 6 supports for 3/4 conduit and a couple of router mounts printed?

Anyone want to offer assistance?

Trade for some Gold Prospecting Equipment??

Thanks Spike

I am currently finishing printing my parts. I can help in a weekish or so. If you still havent had parts made by the 28th, I can help . You will just need to cover shipping. Also you dont have a choice in color unless you want to send me a roll of filament of your specific flavor. All I have right now is random PLA


HI - I can offer help too if you have not found anyone.


I can start print today - only color option is Black PLA.

I can help print the parts, message me at if you havent gotten it done by the time you see this post. Just pay cost of materials and shipping, alongside 5 bucks for a coffee :slight_smile:


I am curious as to what gold prospecting equipment you might have though.


yea same here