Printed the prototype for my dewalt-shaped laser mount

then i noticed it looked kinda familiar…


You had to pick yellow for this. Hehe, nice job!

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I put the focus knob where the collet lock goes

Here you can see where the motion is transferred, the infill is bc I printed the bottom of the body to hold the gears’ shafts

Ignore the dietary supplements in the bg :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a built-in air assist that funnels air through the body down into a vortex

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This is the assembled body, the lens has a spur gear attached for interfacing with the motion system to focus it.

The end cap for the body has a brass barb added for air supply and the other hole will have an aviation connector for power to the laser and fan

And the cherry on top is the collet nut and partially removed guard to match its yellow cousin!

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I was contemplating using a lens from my laser safety glasses (i have 2 pairs) and creating a window on the front of the collet guard like some of the more expensive lasers have; but i’m not sure, from a safety standpoint, if that’s a good idea.

I gotta say, your design is very elegant! I really like the renders too.

Being kinda knowledgeable in ae, I wanted to comment on the usage of a vortex. At the middle of a vortex, by definition, the velocity is zero, resulting in a stagnation column that will concentrate smoke right where the laser is traveling (similar to the middle of a tornado… also why dust collectors work well). In addition, the surrounding airflow in the vortex will be parallel to the xy plane, even if there is break through in the material. With airflow that is purely in the z direction you will get a lot more shear against the side of the cut walls especially during break through, and you get a much smaller stagnation point as well.

That said, if it works well enough I’d leave it alone… it just looks bada**!

in testing the vortex effect is lessened through the body, maybe a design flaw, but it should work to nullify that sort of issue. that being said i have read up on laminar flow and may end up working out a version that utilizes something more like that.

and thank you, i just started learning fusion about 6 months ago, but i’m addicted to it now :stuck_out_tongue: