Problem jogging

MPCNC mega/ramps 1.4 running V1 marlin. brief description of the situation:

jog x both directions fine

jog y both directions fine

jog x (again) steppers jump, wont move.

If i restart marlin or repetier and reset the board i get the same issue. I get the same issue if i reverse the operation y-yes, x-yes, y-no…

I have moved the stepper drivers around and the same.

I have switched the poles on the stepper wiring and same.

here is a video of the issue:

Thank you,



Have you adjusted the voltage on the drivers? What power supply do you have? Do you have the steppers wired in parallel or series?

That’s pretty weird. When you first move an axis, it leaves it energized to hold it in place for 5-10 minutes. Maybe having them both energized is causing the problem? It’s very strange, but maybe something is just configured wrong and this strange pattern is how it’s manifesting itself.

Im thinking its wiring. Ill re-re-re-wire this thing.

I would say reinstall repetier, that is not anything remotely normal.

What happens when you try doing that directly from the screen, with no computer connected?