Problem With Z-axis

I just finished Building my MPCNC. It is a 24"x24" running mega 2560 with a Ramps 1.4 set for 32 step, stepper controller DRV8825, T8 lead screw ( ), and a rotozip for the spindle. Firmware is the most resent MPCNC for T8 32 step no end stops. I am running it with the LCD. The problem I am having is that the Z-axis is only moving a quarter of what it is suppose to. I set the end mill at the top of the wood and use the LCD to plunge 10mm and when measured it is only 2.5mm deep. The X and Y are good it is just the Z.

Any Help would be appreciated.

Adjust the Z steps to 4 times as many, reflash.

Hello. I have the same problem with shifting the Y axis. I have a single-threaded screw with a pitch of 2mm. I take the firmware and change the lines in the zip archive
/ **

  • Default Axis Steps Per Unit (steps / mm)
  • Override with M92
  • X, Y, Z [, I [, J [, K]]], E0 [, E1 [, E2 …]]
  • /
    #define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT {200, 200, 3200, 200} // {80, 80, 1600, 500}
    Then I flash it through XLoader. And as a result, nothing changes, I give the command to move by 1mm and the axis does only 0.25mm
    What am I doing wrong?

Assuming you are correctly flashing your board, and assuming that your changes are have no impact, then it is likely you’ve have used an M92 g-code at some point to modify your steps per unit. Once you have modified the steps in g-code, changes in the firmware are ignored. To fix the problem, you can either use an M92 to make your changes and then save those changes with an M500, or you can do a factory reset (M502). A factory reset will wipe away any other settings changes you’ve made and saved using g-code.

Edit to add: If you have used the display to set the steps per mm, it is using M92 under the hood and therefore will cause this problem.

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Thanks for the advice. I will definitely try your solution.