Prusa at it again. CoreXY farming rig


Pretty cool. Pretty dark too. Which makes me wonder if there are neat tricks they are hiding.


Pricing is not determined yet, but it will vary according to the farm size. With larger farms, we are aiming for 3000USD per printer + service contract.

Small scale manufacturing and fast pivoting should really benefit from this. At that scale service contracts are the norm. Wonder if I can get a job as a tech.

That is really cool. I would LOVE to work for Prusa and help build a project like this. Speaking of work. Break time is over. Grrrr.

Yeah, wondering if I should stop messing with the new printer and just waiting for this to release.

The autoloading sounds interesting.

Aiaiai! Lead us not into temptation! I think the price ranges would differ wildly… I’m super confident that there’s a place for a new v1 corexy, keeping prices a little more hobbyist friendly…

I really like the snowflake interactive drawing, printing and assembling - on the go. A demonstration of 3d printing capabilities that is actually engaging and relatively visitor friendly!

I like how they’re sharing extrusion for the frames, but that would be a bitch to build and wire.

That is how it looks, but it says you can hot swap printers .

I haven’t found a video of this thing running yet. Really want to see it moving.

I have a weird feeling they are trying to keep something a secret still.

Yea, they’re waiting to reveal the XL.

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There is a fairly well lit video now on twitter.

  • corexy
  • two screws on the bed. No idea how many motors
  • no front brace on the corexy rectangle
  • It looks like they are supported by drawer slides at the same height as the corexy. So the bed Z stuff hangs down
  • I don’t see how they are wired or powered
  • I don’t see how the print ejection works

Pretty neat stuff. Evolutionary, but not revolutionary. The rack mount system def. seems awesome for somewhere like prusa or a university that was managing ultimakers or something.

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I’ve seen a few corexy printers with just a U for the top. It’s not ideal, but if you have beefy enough extrusions it works alright. Or you go the E3D way, and use laser cut aluminum plate.

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Im thinking it looks separate. Like you can pull out the xy or the z, makes sense.

The ejection system sounds like it swaps plates, interested to see how it clears the first small stuff out of the extruder.

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If the slides were rigid, then the rack would add a lot of rigidity. But I can’t see the details of those slides. It all looks custom.