Prusa i3 MK3

Hi Ryan Looking to purchase a Prusa 3D Printer, they just came out with the new version MK3 but it a three month wait to get one? As it will be my first 3D printer should I just buy the MK2s that available now ?

You can’t really go wrong with the MK2S. However, if it were me I would wait if you dont have to have it right now. The latest features I think are going to make it even more awesome. Well worth the wait in my opinion. I currently have the MK2S and am considering the upgrade to the MK2.5 to get some of the features. But would sure have liked to get that 24V system with the quiet drivers and aluminum base frame. I just cant justify the $500 upgrade to the MK3. Maybe later if I start printing a lot more and feel like I need another printer I might bite the bullet. But that wont be any time soon.

For me it is a tough one, 3 months is a long time.

If it was available right now I would get it. They are by far the best printers available, but really the new features are just making an amazing printer better. I am a bit of a purest and the biggest fix I see is the temp drift in the pinda probe being fixed (although I am not sure how big of an issue it really was/is). With the current price drop on the printers that are currently available I would get one of those but that is because I hate waiting and have always felt that printer is dam near perfect as is.

Up Date: since I’m from Canada I just found a Prusa distributor in Montreal that claim they will have stock by end of November. I have just send them a email asking how to pre order, just hate to pay $ 1,000.oo on line without any assurance I will receiver it late November early December. Would like to put a deposit down until they have it in their warehouse.

Johnny,my wife is blaming you for this, went I saw your Spitfire and look at the 3dprintlab site, I was hook, I’m seeing a hold new series of Planes and Jets in my RC Hanger. Will have to build a second level on my 16 X 30 foot shop.


For what it’s worth, I have an MPCNC and just preordered the i3 Mk3 yesterday. I have a Maker’s Tool Works MiniMax that is best described as “technically functional” at the moment. I’m certain this is due to a lack of maintenance or something on my part, but I’m really looking forward to a printer with auto bed leveling and all the other Mk3 features.

I have several 3D printers (been into 3D printers since around 2009), and I pre-ordered the MK3 last week. The wait is killing me, but I would definitely recommend waiting for the MK3. For one thing, I think the new frame will be much stronger, for another, the 200mm per second print speed is great for prototyping. But the biggest feature for me is the fact that it can detect when the hotend has shifted, or the filament got stuck/broke. Those two features, combined with the auto bed leveling, solves every single failed print I have ever had. You won’t be sorry you waited for a month, I promise you.

A 3D printer is like a microwave oven - once you have one, you wonder what you ever did without it.

I keep thinking, “why do I have a microwave oven?”. But my actual oven died this week, and I remembered.

Lol. Ill take that blame. As far as the distributor though I would be cautious. I dont think Prusa has any distributors. I would order direct from Prusa. I purchased the kit direct from them without issue. And their customer service is great.

Thanks to all you guys for your response, I would really would like to have the Prusa MK3, however it at least a three to four months wait to get one. So I look at Amazon Canada and look at review of what they have available, I just purchase a Bibo 3D Printer it have good reviews.

Metal Frame in closer, Dual Extruder, Bed Size 8.4 X 7.3 X 6.3 inches,. I will have it in a week from today. By next fall the Prusa might be more available and if this Bibo don’t do the job, I will then purchase the Prusa MK3 and by then they will probably have update to that model.

Oh no, The mk2 is amazing I think the only choices right now are the mk2 or the mk3. I would not recommend any other printers…I mean other that some cool guys build your own kit but I am biased about that one.

Next fall they will have the prusa mk4 and it will work with food (as long as you only want Earl grey tea, hot).

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I think you made a good choice (I don’t know anything about that printer but buying a printer is always a good choice).

I did look at getting the MK2 and talk to there tech line, it would took over a month or more to get the MK2 in Canada, so for now I have decided to go with the Bibo. It for sure not a Prusa, but it will give me something to start with right away. Will probably end up getting a Prusa within a year. In the mean time I will continue working on the MPCNC. Moe

It looks like it might be a branded flash forge or a knock off. I have used a flash forge and it was pretty cool. I think you will be fine.