Just curious if anyone’s been using Qcad for a while and if so: good, bad, or indifferent? I’ve been floundering around trying to find a CAD program I want to work with. While I’m amazed at the many capabilities of Fusion 360, especially the free hobby version, I just don’t feel the need for much of that capability and it tends to hide what I’m looking for.

I first learned some CAD about 20 years ago on MasterCam VIII. It was painless, I got reasonably proficient by simply doing, it seemed very intuitive. I haven’t found that to be the case with Fusion. Of course brain cells 20 years older no doubt play a part but even back then, I was happy with VIII but when they forced an update to X I was lost, I have no doubt it was an improvement for daily users but not so much for hobby use. Twenty years having gone by I was hoping to find something similar to VIII in the ‘hobby’ category for free or low cost, certainly not the $5K the original Level I disc sold for.

I’ve only looked at a few noob tutorials for Qcad on YouTube so far and I’m hoping it may be what I’m looking for. SO opinions welcomed.