Question about the bolts

Hi Everybody

Why is it that in the bill of materials for the MPCNC some of the bolts in the links to Amazon are different than the ones in the kit from V1 Engineering?

Attached I have a picture of the list and the bolts that do not match. The first three on the list, the bolts in the kit are not fully threaded and the bolts in Amazon are. and the last one on the list, the M3 x 10 is a “socket head” in Amazon and in the kit is a Phillips head.

Any reason for this?

Threads won’t matter. Unless they don’t go far enough, which I doubt that would happen. Some of my locally sourced bolts are threaded all the way to the head.


Never really looked into the cost of buying everything on Amazon, but fastenal will have everything specced out in the bill of materials for ~$60.

Just call the one nearest you and give them the list.

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Thank you so much but I already purchased all the parts from online, mostly from Bolt Depot and some from Ebay, all stainless steel and came up to be around $47 (including shipping). Amazon would have been much more expensive. What I did is change the full threaded bolts by the ones I saw in the kit.