Question for Ryan

I just ordered my electronics and hardware for my MPCNC how long does the normal free shipping take I’m very excited to get started building it?

USPS priority from 95377 and they already picked up today. It should leave tomorrow so anywhere from 1 day and up depending on where you live, you can check the chart on, customs if you are international is 1 hour to 3 weeks.

Was wondering when Bundles mini rambos and lcd will be available

Ryan when mini rambo and screen are available is it possible to buy the bundle without the bolts and bearings as i am sure i could obtain them in Australia, this would also reduce my frieght costs. I am asking some strange questions but as I live in Tasmania and I dont think anyone else here has made a lowrider2. Cheers Wayne

I ship in a flat rate box and weight isn’t an issue. It is in the smallest box the steppers and such will fit in so it would change the price. I have confirmation the Mini’s are done and shipping, no date or arrival yet, I would guess next Monday or Tuesday.