Quieting Your Dust Colection

My shop vac is an old Sears brand shop vac and is very loud, but it’s small size is great for use as a dust collector for my mpcnc.

I plan for the short term to design a box to enclose it completely allowing passages for the exhaust air to escape. This should pretty much eliminate the noise.

Has anyone done this ?

In the future, I want to replace it with a much quieter model. The Rigid wd1450 looks interesting but do others have a model that they believe is quiet and/or have experience with this particular one?

My only concern would be heat build up inside the box. I know it exhausts heat thru the exhaust but is the cool air intake on most not thru the top for clean air?

I got a shop-vac muffler from home-depot, and it works amazingly well, you just plug it into the out of your shop-vac (not as quiet of walling it off though)

rigid muffler