Rambo 1.4 for 3D printer

Can I use Rambo 1.4 board for 3D printer?

You definitly can use this board but you likely have to reconfigure and recompile the firmware for it. If you have this board, it is an option, else I recommend using a 32bit board like a SKR 1.4 or similair (also needs configuring and compiling your own firmware).

Thanks dear.

Where I can get the rambo 1.4 firmware for 3D printer. I purchased the rambo 1.4 from V1 Engineering.

You can start here Releases · V1EngineeringInc/MarlinBuilder (github.com)
Grab the V13DP_MiniRambo-
Reconfigure is for your board and printer , compile it and flash it to the board.
Which printer do you have?

I am planning to built one, just now I finished my lowrider 2 built with SKR pro and I have extra rambo 1.4 so I decided to get the benfit out of it.

Any idea how to reconfigure the mini rambo to compile with rambo 1.4?

Start by checking out some video’s like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9vxJT5Tgh4

Thanks dear for your support.