Rambo 1.4 - USB Power Surge

I have a Rambo 1.4 that I am migrating from a burly setup to a primo setup. I am just wired the Z stepper and thought I would make sure it worked. When I plugged my Rambo into my laptop I received an error of a “power surge”. I have tried just USB and USB + 12V with all the same results. I have also verified the 3 fuses are not popped.

Here is an example image of what I see when I try and plug in this board.


Did this board go poof?

Verify that you have the 12V supply wired up correctly.

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I have verified power is correct.

I have a bad feeling I fried the voltage regulator. :frowning:

That is much harder to do on the rambos (than the ramps). Do the lights come on and everything? Do you have an LCD? Does it cone on (when you connect 12V power). Do you have the polarity of the 12V correct?