Rambo 1.4 with selected printed parts (Europe/Germany/Leverkusen)

I sell my rambo 1.4 board + display (originally bought and imported as part of the Primo Kit from Ryan) after I upgraded to the SKR Pro.

The Y-Cables for the X-and-Y-axis are part of my offering, as well as a printed case and selection of good parts (MPCNC Primo F) that I replaced with a aluminium extrusion frame. The 12V/6A power supply (with US plug) is still in the original packaging. There is also a mount for the common Makita/Katsu Router.

The endstops&cables are NOT part as they are still in use.

I would like 90€ (+shipping) for everything. If you pick it up yourself, you are invited to have a look at my MPCNC for a short glimpse into your own future. :slight_smile:

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The 4 stainless tubes are 6cm in length.

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I found the shorted cables for the endstops (with the board connectors)

The price is negotiable.

80€ (+shipping) !