Rambo 1.6 case & display case

I thought I’d share my design for my display case for the RepRapDiscount full graphics smart controller and Rambo 1.6 both are universal and work with any machine. With woodworking I’m expecting lots of dust and particles so I tried to to make this with as few parts and seams as possible so the reset button is part of the main face plate, changed the knob to something that matches the print itself and have the two cables coming through a single slot on the bottom of the case.

The image here shows the mounting bracket for the LRV2 that utilises the gap between the XZ main and XZ part while replacing the F_Spacer and serves as a spacer for the two parts while holding the screen in place.

And before you say it yes I derped and forgot the right side of the bracket on the logo.

I managed to embed the 12V power adapter into the case, integrate the reset button for the Rambo into the outer case. The display cables and stepper cables all come out the top.