Rattle when moving y1 negative


I have my Lowrider2 mostly up and running, but I am getting a weird rattling sound from the y1 side, but only if I move in the negative direction. y2 is smooth both ways and y1 movement is smooth when going positive.

Any idea what might be causing it?

Here’s a video that shows it happening:


My guesses would be that something is binding. I would be looking most closely at the tubes rubbing on the table.

Mt next guess is a wiring issue.

Thanks for the speedy reply!
I removed the belts and the motor moves both ways with no rattling noise, so I think this rules out wiring issues. The tubes may indeed be rubbing on the table. They do get really close to the edge.
I found that when they were farther away, the y-axis would deviate significantly and this was a problem for accuracy. Now that the tubes are close it seems to prevent the machine from going off course.
I saw that some people put a rail along the edge to prevent the wheels from going off course. Does this cause binding?

The rail doesn’t bind as long as it is tight and straight. The key is that if the gantry rotates, it gets smaller. If the rails widen, it will pinch. If the gantry rides straight and the rails are very parallel, then there shouldnt be any binding.

Ah! That makes sense!
I think I might try to route a groove along the wheel path with a core box bit. I think with the router edge guide it would be nice and straight and fairly easy to get right.

I just added some 3/4" aluminum angle to my new table. I first made sure it was super parallel to my favorite side (which I know is square) and then I used the actual gantry to determine the spacing for the second rail. I ignored the distance from the rail to the far side. I don’t trust that the far side is as parallel to the near side. Hopefully that makes sense.

Well the good news is that despite the rattle, is hasn’t affected the accuracy of my cuts — at least so far. I think I’ll just leave everything as is.

Just finished my first part! A station mold for the canoe that I am building!

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