Re-arranging the gantry.

I am wondering if this has ever been discussed at all. I was staring at the machine contemplating how to expand the working area as much as possible and thought it might be possible to stack the x-axis motors on top of the y-axis motors thereby removing the crossing gantry rails and allowing for the router to be mounted on a more (conventional?) center oriented gantry that x travels on a dual rail arrangement. I see a few issues right off. Is it too much weight for the Y axis motors? It would need a means to support the weight of the router/gantry, not to mention the loads in use. And the Gantry Parts would need to be broken out in such a way that they could still be printed (or maybe CNC machined). I guesstimate the rails would be spaced about 3 1/2" -4" apart (for US conduit) but they don’t necessarily have to be directly above one another. Some angle set back could aid load distribution or even a three rail arrangement maybe (conduit is cheap)? Please shoot this idea down, so I don’t go making the wife crazy embarking on yet another project. :wink:

If you look at the remixes on thingiverse, someone did exactly this. There’s also the artisan3/pearcnc that did the same thing, good places to start if you need inspiration.

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A. Glad to see I am not crazy. B. Glad there are people smarter than me already on the job! I can rest easy now.

You’ll get a crapton of deflection that way though.


Also, you’re basically describing what is the lowrider, lol.

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