rebuild on MPCNC

Simple Question… I am remodding a 2nd hand unit, This is going to be in a NON air-conditioned shed (wife can’t handle the sawdust.)

Will MDF handle the heat in a shed in Florida ( I guess it can get as high as 130 F or maybe more) or would I be better off with a plywood table top and spoil board?


Humidity is the bigger issue, probably want to try to seal it a little bit, nothing fancy but a coat or two of anything will probably help.

Is it PLA? Because PLA does not handle heat well at all! If you reach the glass transition temperature then your MPCNC will slowly disassemble itself.

I have heard 60 C (140 F) for PLA but you really want a safety margin or it will be ruined.

Maybe put wheels on it so you can park it somewhere comfy when not in use.

My machine is going on it’s second year in a garage in Houston with no problems other than me over tightening things.

Everything is printed in good old microcenter PLA.

Mine has been running strong in a garage in Phoenix, AZ … about the same temp but much less humidity. I do not think that you will have any issues with MDF assuming you keep the water off of it