Rebuilt my 4'x3' table using Allted's simple frame idea

I attached a couple of the photos of it here, but have put a lot more on thingiverse

Man, I am embarrassed. Everyone seems to make things so much cleaner than me. I rip those 2x4’s with a tiny cordless saw, splinters and uneven edges. Random screws, extra supports. I need to step it up a bit. My next one will be a pretty one…Maybe. I am expanding/rebuilding the original cnc. I just screwed on another 2X and chopped the particle board. I think I am lazy…

I used a dewalt table saw to cut most of the lumber which usually gives me nice cuts. With my limited 10x12’ shed that my MPCNC is in makes me be more conscious of space. I am now working on a side panel cover idea that should help cut down on the saw dust around my shed. I will start a thread of that to see what others think of the idea.