Recommend a Vacuum Mount

Can anyone recommend a specific vacuum mount they like for their MPCNC with a DW660. I see there are several models on thingiverse. I just wanted to get your opinions before I took the time to start printing. My shopvac has 1.25" hoses but I imagine I can print adapters if needed.

I’m looking at this one at the moment:


Also, should I expect to get accuracy issues if I mount a vac to the router?

The one you are looking at is a good ch0ices.

It is the one that I have been using for a long time.

[attachment file=100312]


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I’ve been using the one in your original post and like it really well. I didn’t bother attaching a brush to it and it still picks up the majority of sawdust.

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I too like the one you pointed to by nellson.

I remixed it to allow a 50mm smooth wall hose

I still haven’t got around to adding bristles, as it my dust collector has been great at sucking up without.

Does this still give you access to the collet for tool changes or does it have to be disassembled?

You need to purchase 8mm magnets (a pack of 50 is like $7 on Amazon) for the bottom piece. It comes right off and gives you easy access. Really cool design.