Recommend me a brush cutter

I have around half an acre that needs regular brushcutting and edging, as well as maintenance on the river banks, some brambles, some wooded areas, and other locations. I now own an Einhell 25cc petrol brushcutter, but the vibrations render it absolutely useless, thus I assume it isn’t powerful enough for the blade attachment (Oregon Mulching Blade). Now I am looking for a new brushcutter. I searched on google and found some blog like best brush cutter. Can you recommend me the best brush cutter? Thanks

I vote that Tom here takes over initiation duties, and more specifically, the damned goats! :goat:

Odd that you’d get here for a search on “best brush cutter”. Although, I suppose taken individually, those terms actually make a certain amount of sense. Toss out “best” as noise, you’re left with brush and cutter. We talk a lot about cutters, but it terms of endmills. And quite a bit about brushes, but usually in the context of either debris clearing for bearing paths, or as part of vacuum chip clearing systems. Regardless, given the amount of DIY and apparent bored landed gentry that hangs around here, someone may come along with useful info anyway. I’m just the resident clown/condo troglodyte who keeps things… less than hygienically sterile around here. :wink:

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I just used scissors to cut dust brushes for my Primo, to make sure they were at the proper height to not block any cutters. I guess you can use something bigger and it would cut even them faster. A 25cc gas engine sounds like enough power to get it done, but maybe the shaft is bent or not balanced correctly. One of these you could cut enough brushes to get you by while the existing tool is in the shop getting repaired:


…really though, I like my Stihl cutter and wacker. You get what you pay for with yard equipment. If you’re on a budget, the Kombi system also works well and is expandable. Makes a lot of sense for homeowners to have attachments and one engine to work/maintain. If you live where I live, you also have a finite time to even buy gas lawn equipment, because our handlers will be removing them from our cage in the years to come.

I digress… back OT… in case you need more brushes to fill out that acre:

@kvcummins … just bored, not landed yet though. :wink:

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