Reflashed RAMBo Firmware and things changed?

I reloaded the firmware on my RAMBo using MPCNC813FullRAmbo_GLCD_T8 but it’s not the same as the firmware that came pre-loaded on the board that I bought from the shop. For example, there’s no V1 logo at start-up, the rotary dial is backwards, and I had to swap the polarity on my X and Z axes, but not Y. Did I grab the wrong file or is the one listed outdated? The only major issue is the backwards rotary dial use, but I’d like to have a backup of the firmware that came with the unit. Thanks for any help!

I had the version 2 on there but there’s functionally not much difference.

I found the switch in the configuration.h file to swap the way the dial behaves, so at least that is fixed. Still not sure why I had to flip the X and Z wires, or where the logo went. I’ll try and load the version from GitHub tomorrow and try that one.