Remember kids, don't leave your machines running unattended

Even your lasers!!


Took them long enough!

But that case did a decent job of keeping it under wraps. I am surprised.

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And it contained the smoke. I guess limited air kept the fire to a minimum.

Notice how when they opened the case and hit it with the fire extinguishers the smoke filled the room. I’m surprised they didn’t set off the fire alarms and suppression when that happened.

Surprised the unit itself does not have a fire warning system. The exhaust system should be set up with an atmosphere sensor to sense extreme smoke. Good thing it did not exhaust the flames out into the tube.

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Did he run past the extinguisher on the wall next to it?

What a nightmare, You definitely would have heard me cussing up a storm though.

Watched for about 3 minutes before I realized the video had not started playing…


Omg, I actually just laughed out loud!


The really scary part for me is that the guy who finally noticed was in the room the entire time, back behind that stack of papers or whatever that is. And about a minute in someone comes in (you can see them in the lower left corner) but he doesn’t notice the flames.


The scary part for me is people think it can never happen to them.


Yeah, I wonder what was going on with the person on the left.

It really shows that being in the room isn’t even enough. You really have to pay at least partial attention.

This machine at least did a decent job of keeping things under control. If that was my low rider, the whole thing would have gone a lot faster than that.

Yeah, routers are nice because you generally hear something go wrong, and most of us don’t have enclosures to contain smoke.
When I’m using my laser to cut wood, I’m on it.

I wonder how healthy the smoke was…

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Most of it was probably about as bad as campfire smoke, depending on what they were burning. The enclosed space probably made it a lot worse.

I needed to see that… won’t be leaving lasers alone anymore lol. Not my style but my garage is a full on tinder box if anything happened. My printer has an enclosure and smoke alarm that kills power and sends a notification. Maybe something safer can be done for lasers too.

I am guessing that was a co2 laser hence it happened very fast. Good thing the glass did not break… tempered probably. A steel enclosure with tempered glass would probably be safe enough for most ppl. Maybe a smoke alarm, but as mentioned there is already smoke so a hard sensor to filter I think.

I’m thinking of putting a smoke alarm inside my enclosure with a water suppression system… esentialy if the smoke alarm triggers it just fills the entire volume of the enclosure with water.

Yeah, if that had been plexiglass it would have been a different result entirely.

They make small automotive size halon systems. Will not hurt the machine that way.

I figure by the time the flames have got there the machine has problem already got problems of its own!

I have a smoke alarm in my printer enclosure, but will definitely use one of these in he cnc enclosure (well that may be a long way off, but I"ll definitely use one! ) :wink: (Link chosen at random as an example - not an endorsement of this vendor.)

Halide systems are expensive and I’m pretty sure they depend on displacing the oxygen in a relatively sealed space. My enclosure would not be anywhere close to air tight.

If I wanted to go fancy I would probably do a liquid co2 system. I feel it’s better suited to these kinds of fires. It would be cheaper (co2 is available everywhere here) and it would still be relatively safe for the mpcnc components. Pluss then I could rely more on removing the heat to put out the fire rather than just displacing the oxygen.

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Got me curious as I knew race cars had used halon systems for years and they’re not much of a sealed space. Seems other compounds are replacing halon as it’s a known depleter of the Ozone layer. Gasses that don’t leave a residue seem like a good option.