removing galvanized coating and preventing rust?

I have had a planned project around these galvanized pipes for awhile. basically, I want to remove the galvanized coating for welding. Once done, I want to weld some 1/4" angle to add rigidity.

I know that I can easily remove it with muriatic acid. I think that it will rust like crazy once it is removed though. Anyone have recommendations on what to do once the galvanization is removed?

Well I would remove the galv and then weld in a very well ventilated area with a fan going before trying to re-coat the tubing with anything. But you can pick up some Prep & Etch from the hardware store. It will kill any rust and turn the metal a dark grey, then you can hit it with a paint or primer after that. Very good call on removing the galvanizing before welding. Many people don’t know that when you weld something that is galvanized it puts off an extremely toxic and poisonous gas. It can make you very very sick.