Repetitive software configuration?

Hello all.

I’m up and running with my MPCNC. I’ve manually moved all the axis using the LCD controller, and via Repeater Host. Everything seems to be working correctly. So now I’m going to attempt a basic 2.5d file using a sharpie before attempting any milling.

Is there a configuration file available for Repeater Host? How exactly do we configure acceleration, maximum feed rates ect for the MPCNC? For my 3d printers I configure all these things in slic3r.

Are these parameters specified in estlcam (or whatever software is used for g code generation) or are they already setup in the firmware?

Sorry if this is a silly question. I’m only experienced with 3d printing, and I use mainly slic3r for g code generation.

Perfect for using a pen. Let me know if I missed any steps.

Thanks for the link to excellent tutorial.

Estlcam is awesome. Very easy to use, and from my limited experience last night, it seems very flexible. As soon as the programmer is back from holidays I’ll be purchasing a licence.

Very reasonably priced too.

I took a video of my MPCNC plotting the crown sample file last night. Once it’s uploaded I’ll post a link in the builds section.

Thanks again.