Retrofit MPCNC - New Hermes Vanguard 3000 engraver

Hi good afternoon everyone,

I recently started dwelling in CNC, a few weeks ago a New Hermes Vanguard 3000 engraver came to me, it has the old cartridge control module but no monitor and no V3000 program, after sourcing parts it looks cost prohibitive to restore, so hence here comes the MPCNC, i believe it is almost plug and play using the rambo board from V1 engineering along with the LCD screen will bring it to life with minimal issues . while I’m still new to CNC and my only experience has been a Maslow CNC, i feel this is a project i can tackle. After reading through the web, YouTube and this forum, i like to request the benefit and wisdom of those with more experience than me.

ive borrowed the picture from for illustration.

My plan is to wire in the Rambo full board on to the Hermes and discard/sale the Control Module, it has three stepper motors and a spindle motor that drive the spindle via set of pulleys and a band, its max speed at the spindle seems to be 10,000 RPM with a max travel of 1/2 inch, it also contains end/stop switches, total travel area is 10x 8 inches with available 8 inches of Z to play with.

I would like to start this way as I would already have a frame, guide rails, stepper motors in place and all, once i get it running and scribing I will add the 3D printer head and and built and elevating table. Then i can print the parts for a complete MPCNC.

Now my question after this long post,

I believe i should be able to connect the stepper motors and stop switches with out issues directly to the rambo, connect the LCD and be up and running, ( i anticipate i will need to calibrate the travel as it has leadscrews)

the stepper motors are VEXTA 2 phase, can the RAMBO make use of the encoders present in the stepper motors?


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No. Maybe…there is some encoder stuff in Marlin but I have never used it.

Cool project!

Thank for the reply, once i start wiring i look into it,