Revnull LR3 Build, my 1st CNC

More metal on plastic action!

X rails cut to 55-in and I managed to drop only 1 on my bare foot. I’ll spare you the picture of the half circle “bite” mark. Safety first folks!

I attempted to space the braces to several interpretations of “no less than 8 inches” with no luck. I’ll have to double check the strut plate DXF files to see how I’m mathing wrong. The plan is for a full sheet build by the way.


No MORE than 8"

In my area, full sheet MDF 4’ x 8’ is actually 49" x 97" :man_shrugging: Mentioning in case you’re planning to do edge to edge cuts on full sheet MDF.

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Sorry, miss read.

Fresh over night prints:

One the printer now:

I should have a bunch of screws and steppers from Amazon arriving this evening.

I have both a SKR 1.3 & 1.4 with a fist full of TMC2209s to potentially use with this build. I may also go with klipper in the long run since I also have a spare Pi Zero W to contribute to the cause. Man, I can’t wait!


I honestly do not know what I’m going to do with it once it’s built. :slight_smile: I would just like to option to cut something really big if I ever needed to.
Thanks for the heads up though. Thanks good information to have in the back of my head.


One down, one to go.

Steppers, belts, pullies, idlers, and M3 screws came today, Now I just need to wait for a care package from Ryan and maybe build a table for all of this. :slight_smile:


Well, I do not think these couplers will work after all. :frowning:

Even if the hole was larger, it still hit the YZ plate. @vicious1 is it too late to add a couple of spring couplers to my order? :slight_smile:

Steppers installed! Still waiting on my M5 screws so I can install the rest of the idlers.

I would love some round V1 logo stickers to cover the blue steppersonline ones.


Oh bummer the box went out this morning.

Shoot sorry I didn’t even realize they were a larger diameter. I should have known that, I have a set in my box of parts.

Need to get some circle stickers, or a drag knife mount for the LR to make some!

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NP. I may have some on some older printers that have spring couplers that I can swap out. If not, prime to the rescue. Thanks for getting that order out so fast!

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Does anyone happen to know the diameter of the “spec” couplers? I may be able to find something else on Amazon then Ryan can setup an affiliate link for me to use. :wink:

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Hope that helps!


Very helpful, thanks! Does the coupler need to flex or will a rigid coupler work?


Flex is always nice because nothing is perfect. You can use a rigid one, just be on the lookout for binding as they are very unforgiving to bent lead screws.


Well, this is as far as I get until more parts arrive.

I think I’ll put some amount of effort into getting the controller/firmware setup. From what I have gleaned from some of the docs and forum posts, I’ll need 5 stepper drivers and up to 6 endstop ports/pins. If I go the klipper route, that leaves a ton of open pins for silly things like cooling fans, lights/neopixels, toolhead and vac control! I can both power the Pi Zero and attach via UART from the SKR TFT port. Maybe go with a Pi 3B and run klipperscreen. So many options. :slight_smile:


You win some, you lose some. 5 out of 6 isn’t bad right? It might be time for a new PEI sheet.


I picked up the HF Bauer palm router on sale to get this all kicked off. Before that, I had been following several eBay auctions for the Makita. Well a reminder popped up for a hell of a deal with minutes left in the auction and…

I guess the Bauer will be my backup. :slight_smile:

Klipper is installed and partially configured as a cartesian with no extruder. Odd one for me. I still need to dig through the Marlin config to see what bits I may have missed, but it might just work.

If I can get it to jog and home properly, I’m going to install CNCjs and play with that too.

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The core is looking nice!


IPA and a magic eraser, good…or better than new.

Those prints look so good though.

My renewal process is:

  • Clean with IPA (Acetone if there is any stubborn ABS stuck to the sheet)
  • Scrub with 3M 7447 pad
  • Wash with sent free Dawn scrubbing with medium bristle brush
  • Pat dry with paper towels
  • Place on pre-heated bed and wipe down once more with IPA and new paper towel.

While seemingly excessive, this does a great job of minimizing irregularities on the surface and prevents any oils from fouling the PEI.

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