Ring and Hook game

Well I could have made this using power tools but what’s the fun in that?!

I drew it out in Inkscape and then used estlcam to set up the cuts. I learned how to do cut backs in the corners of square holes and tried to do a tool change that didn’t quite work well. I’ll need to play with that some more.

I made it from left over 3/4” plywood and a couple bucks in hooks and rings from the hardware store.

I’ll probably make another one and I need to make the square holes a bit smaller for a tighter fit and the top of the vertical piece longer so I can sand it down flat but other than that, I think it worked pretty well. It’s a fun game to play too!

Anyway, here are a few pics.

Some earlier cuts.

All done! It took two hours or so b/c I’ve got it on pretty slow settings as I’m still learning how to use it.

Dry fit is a bit loose but it’ll work.

All done and ready to play!

Here’s the SVG if anyone wants to make one…


How do you play this game? It looks like fun.

Here’s a video of people playing it… I haven’t played the drinking game version as I’ve only played with my 13 year old son :slight_smile: So far it’s only been a way for us to talk more smack to each other than we already do.


OH! That makes perfect sense. Great project.

There was a breakfast burrito place that operated out of a permanent food truck in Golden, and they had one of these in their patio, but it was just one side, hanging off of a 2x4 above your head, and the string was about 4 foot long. It was pretty addictive to play while you were waiting for your food. This size seems perfect. My kids would love it. I bet you they would even play if they had to eat a bite of broccoli when they lost :smiley:.


I’ve seen the bigger ones too but this is a quick/fun game for when we’re snowed in during the winters. We’ve also got a bunch of family coming into town for Thanksgiving so I’m trying to make a few things to have on-hand.

That would be a great way to play it!