Roller and Roller M REAL differences

Hello everyone!
I am printing the parts to build this wonderful CNC. Actually I am really impressed by the design.
I wonder know if there are fundamental differences between the roller and the rollerM design since they seem to be functionally identical…
Take care!

The M one is mirrored.

I wondered,if despite being a mirrored design,as reported in previous posts,they still are functionally identical.
Let me express it better: would it be possible to use the Roller design for both sides instead of a roller and a rollerM on opposite sides?

Yes you can use them interchangeably, but should not.

I mirrored them becuse the olds were causing issues for people with poorly calibrated printers. It would push them out of square. This should push them into square no matter what.

Why do you want to use them other than the instructions?

If you want to know more information habe a look at the version 2 thread in updates. As the parts came out I gave reasons for all my choices.

Thank you so much for your answer! I really appreciated the design and after every print I spend some time looking at the object trying to understand your choices. I noticed that the roller designs were so similar and I thought that I was missing something! I will be looking at the version 2 thread updates from now on!