Rotary axis MPCNC

Is there a plan to make a 4th axis/rotary axis MPCNC? If not, there should be. That would be phenomenal.

There are already a few options on thingiverse.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told people “that’s next” in the last month or two…Even just to swap the Y so it’s still a 3 axis machine would be cool. I saw some cylindrical laser etches not long ago…very very cool. May have been here? Can’t recall. I’m sure it was though.

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Hi Ryan. Thingiverse? It has a way to add a rotary lathe to the MPCNC machine? How do I find it?


I found this on Thingiverse! Thanks, Ryan. I never even thought this would be on there.

How is it controlled?


I think there are more, maybe check the gallery for projects that use them and there should be a link.

Here it is:

Now you have one like me!

After that think how you will control it. Grbl (and probably marlin too) isn’t an option.

I like this one better than the other:

It’s what I was looking for.

Hmmmm Good point.

Most people just substitute the rotary for an axis and use either firmware. There are a few threads about it.

Then it still 3 axis cnc, just another kind of 3 axis

So for true 4 or more axis cnc you have to level up with pc - setup linuxcnc or paid mach3/mach4.

Or use very specific multi axis firmware. Only one free i know is TinyG/TinyG2 from Synthetos.

Nope, rotary. In this case what would you use the other axis for?

4th-5th axis CAM is not easy to use, not easy on the wallet, and I am not sure I have ever seen either on the MPCNC. In regards to extra axis most that ask about it think it is the end all of CNC, not realizing you still have at least face you can not get to.

I guess that Mike didn’t mean lathe-like cnc

It seems he asked about true 4 axis cnc mode

I had thought how it possible to build 5 axis cnc like pocket nc in the video above. From controller point of view. And only way i see at the moment, except using a PC, is build controller powered by TinyG firmware.


No, I was wondering if a lathe could be added. Maybe the better question, now that It’s very complicated to make or too expensive to buy a rotary 4th / 5th axis, is it possible, using the regular MPCNC to take a carving file and cut on 4 sides to create a detailed rounded part?

I have Vectric Pro and Aspire. I’m learning the software but they’re both very new to me. Vectric let’s us download a trial version to try out with unlimited time on it. I downloaded both. I think Aspire is a little overkill but if I need a new income, might as well have it.

Hi Guffy, It still can’t make larger items like table legs. That’s what I’d be using it for. The 5 axis machines are uber pricy. I’d love to have one but geez. I was thinking it would be better to buy a lathe, carve my basic shape on it, then move that piece to the MPCNC and finish cut it with the details. If I can turn the part 90 degrees and have the MPCNC carve on the rounded surface, that would be sufficient.

Like these bedposts. The spiral posts and the acorn thing at the top.

I don’t know why a lathe couldn’t be set under the MPCNC and then using only the Z and X (or Y) axis, carve profiles in spinning stock. Sure, I bet much like most things I’ve discovered with this whole CNC thing it’d likely be quicker by hand with parting tools and gouges etc. But the key with CNC is perfect repeatability. Not sure how you’d handle coding the profile though. I’m oversimplifying the discussion I know.

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Why not? You can easily do this with a rotary axis.

I am getting confused to what you are looking for exactly. In the machining space semantics is dependent on your age an experience so maybe avoiding rotary and lathe in your description will help. As an example now everyone is starting to get in a huffy if you call the MPCNC a CNC machine “technically all 3d printers and machines are CNC…”, then there is the 2.5D argument, Mill vs router, etc. For me it starts to get a little unclear.