Router Choice

I am using a dewalt 660 for my cnc. I see someone is using the Bauer Router (Makita clone) and it is on sale right now for 60 bucks.
Is it worth it to change, or should I just stay with the 660?

The speed adjustment may do well I believe.

It might be a touch quieter. They do weigh more, so your speeds could be affected. It’s also bigger, which will change you useable cutting area.

I would be worried about spindle runout…

Cheaper routers have been known to have more runout issues, and have a shorter lifespan. Bauer is a step up at Harbor Freight, so you might be okay. Cheaper Makita clones do not have feedback circuitry keeping the RPM constant across varying loads. I don’t know if the Bauer version has that circuitry or not. Finally, you will likely want a 1/8" collet for this router, which will run you around $25.

An alternate clone that includes precision 1/8 and 1/4 collets is Carbide 3D compact router, and is only $80 USD. It comes with a longer cord than the Makita which was helpful for my setup. Shipping was free when I purchased mine, but that may have been a deal.

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For that i will just keep my dewalt

My only complaint with the dewalt 660 is the brushes. I’ve had them hang up twice and cut out in the middle of a job.