Selling unused full set of mpcnc parts?

A while ago I printed a whole 25.4mm conduit edition mpcnc, but never actually made the machine. It is printed on my printer mpcnc in black and white PLA. Is it possible for someone to want to buy the full set of parts off me? I am thinking I could get rid of them for $50? The plastic costs me about what 2kg goes for. I don’t want to sell on ebay because the design doesn’t belong to me. How would I go about doing this? I’m not trying ti profit or anything, just pay for the plastic back.

I have no issues with this here in the forums.

Good luck

can you post some pics please I am interested

Here are some pics. Each part has a somewhat variance in print quality because they were made a while ago when my printer wasn’t as calibrated. The quality on them still looks overall pretty good though. About the same as Ryan’s (same machine w/ same perameters) I think I am missing one of the pieces, or maybe I am counting wrong. $50 shipped, price it costed to print. Money will go towards an MP3DP :slight_smile:

looks like you’re missing the nut locks and a corner bottom.