Setting Zero Without Limit Switches w/ LCD

So i’m just booting up my motors for the first time. Familiarizing myself with the software. I do have machining background and am wondering if there is a way to set my current position (wherever it happens to be) as zero through the lcd screen (with rambo mini and marlin). I don’t have limit switches yet and the only option through the lcd seems to be an autohome (which obviously won’t work.)

Custom Commands -> Reset All Coordinates

Equivalent to G92 X0 Y0 Z0

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it wont let me do that until i’ve homed first. one of the first things i tried lol.

On mine it still flashes question marks on the lcd but the position is set properly. If you jog to a nonzero position and then use that lcd option, then do M114 what does it say?

I haven’t connected a computer yet to the setup, I’m sure that’ll have the funcitonaity i need, but i’m just a little suprised i can’t define home from the LCD upon bootup.

Dual endstop firmware?

I believe it comes preinstalled on the Rambo mini no? And besides, the Rambo isn’t compatible with dual endstops… unfortuantely.

Backwards, Doesn’t fully work on the mini, Only comes preinstalled with dual if you bought a kit with dual wires.

Alright. So I’m reading most people don’t use endstops, good to know i won’t bother then. But fact still remains, how do I set my Zeros. This G92 code does nothing to my displayed coordinates (either in red right above where i enter the code in repetier, or on my lcd screen). This is a pretty critical thing i can’t figure out before i can move on.

What does it tell you when you do M114 after you try to reset zero? It will tell you where it thinks it is, which should match the LCD.

And I take it you are doing

G92 X0 Y0 Z0

right? Repetier might not be intercepting the G92 command to update its display, so it could be incorrect.