Setup for CNC Shield

Hi Everyone,

I want to setup MPCNC using Arduino Uno with CNC Shield, I don’t know how to step to step with GRBL and software for control CNC,

I find link for CNC shield:

This link is helpful to setup?


Chris Van Gewden

Those are exactly the ones I followed

I found the CNC Shield much easier to set up than Marlin once I understood that 95% of the configuration was done with the $ configuration commands, not through recompiling the firmware.


This is one thing I really like about the GRBL running on my laser engraver. It does seem a lot easier to update after it’s up and running.

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Once I got it running I didn’t update it until the new laser cornering was implemented in 1.1 don’t break it till you have to😀

There are a lot of good gcode senders experiment to see which one makes sense to you

GRBL is my go to for all my CNC machines.
It’s easy to learn, print out a cheat sheet of $ commands and your good to go.
Source Rabbit is a good gcode sender, it has some built-in touch of commands.
Very user-friendly.

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