Shop Wiring Harness

I ordered the wiring harness off the shop page but it doesn’t seem to quite match the instructions or pictures. My far end stepper is black/orange/yellow/red. The instructions say to match blue to blue on this harness which one would that be in my setup? I’ve attached a picture, the plug on the left is the far end.

It is now Serial instead of parallel, I keep forgetting to update it, I made a note.

Just plug it in, no belts. Make sure they move in the right way if not, power it all off, flip over one plug and it will move the other way.

I think if you just match all the smooth sides or the pin showing sides it is correct.

I’m in a similar boat, finishing up, which end is actually the FAR stepper end? I wired everything up yesterday without running through the conduit to test and I’ve got all my directionality correct but the way it’s wired doesn’t seem like the harness has enough length for my 2’x2’ build area, and I’ve read elsewhere that the harness should be good for up to 5’x5’ I think (depending on length of the harness attached to the steppers themselves)

Hobby night is Monday night, so hoping to get everything buttoned up and actually run a pen tomorrow :slight_smile:

Also happy to give you an updated write up with pics once I get it straight, save you a little bit of time.

Far end is the furthest from your control board.

Could I see some pics of how you have it? I never bothered to update the pics because it didn’t seem like a very big difference. There is still a plug in the middle and the end, 2 male and one female. If I get a sense of how else it might get hooked up I can take new pics.

I think my confusion was that I never actually stretched out the entire cable, and saw that one of the male connectors is obviously in the “middle” of the harness. I was holding it in more of a “triangle” in the air looking quizzically at it.

I would simply put the following verbage:

The stepper motor cables have 2 male and one female plug. Each male end will connect to a stepper and the female will connect to the RAMPs board. After carefully unraveling the cable you will see that the male end with Red/Yellow/Orange/Black would be for the “far” stepper the greatest distance from your controller, and the male end with Orange/Green/Yellow/Blue will be for the “near” stepper that is closest to the controller.

You’ll see that the Red and black wires are much longer than the other wires on the harness, if you find that these are “bunched up” or seem inappropriately long then you may have the harness reversed.