Shuddering during travel

I have put together my new mpcnc, and the gantry seems to shudder back and forth slightly when moving. I bought the full kit from the store here, using the minirambo. I attached a picture of my setup in case there’s some obvious problem.

I downloaded and ran the crown gcode, and there’s visible jitter in the lines, and they don’t always connect properly (see near the circle in the middle)

Any thoughts on what might be causing this issue? My only thought is belt tension, but not sure if they’d be too tight or too loose to cause this problem.

Not positive but it just looks like the pen is not on super solid (perhaps just pressed down too hard) and either the conduit or surface is a little rough. Running a few projects on it should smooth it out as the galvanizing wears in.

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The pen is on pretty well, and the shuddering is noticable even when moving manually with nothing touching the bed.

I ran my fingers over the conduit and it does feel a little rough. I will try whipping up some gcode to move around a whole bunch and see if that helps smooth things out.

Thank you!

I threw together a quick little python script to generate some gcode to run the machine through its paces, and attached the script in case it happens to be useful for anyone. It’s a .txt file since .py files aren’t allowed.

Also added sample gcode output for my 600mm by 600mm work area.

wearin.gcode (4.25 KB)

wearin.txt (840 Bytes)

Also try loosening your tension bolts a bit. Too tight and it will run rough.

After running the gcode to move the gantry back and forth twice, I ran the crown again and it looks great! I even reran the crown from the same spot and it reproduced on top of the previous one perfectly.

Thanks for the help, and many kudos for such a wonderful design!

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