Sign for at work

Work recently moved my team into a meeting room to make room for new employees. The meeting room has windows, and we find that people walking by tend to look through them. I decided to give them something to look at.

The wood was from an old pallet. I used a 1/2" 60 degree V-Bit running at 1/4" DOC and 10 IPM. Those that want that info in metric can use google :smiley:

As usually… made a video of the fun:


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Ha ha. That’s perfect.

I know the feeling we had a spot we called the fishbowl, surrounded by windows and had all the cool toys. That sign would have been a great fit. You could find your self deep in thought, concentrating really hard…or itching your nose…and look up to see a gaggle of people watching.

Great sign and video, David! There was a time…

But having been cast out like an old, worn-out, shoe in 2005, after 30+ years, and now living alone… I’ve had to change my tune. I followed your video to create my version (and first signage)…

[attachment file=65871]

Thanks for the project and instruction… I think I’m on my way :wink:

– David


Ahaha. That’s great. Milling right along there David. Spending that time on new CNC projects. I’m jealous.

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Oh, so perfect!

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Nicely done. Glad someone got some use out of my video.

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No more talk.

Very good!!!