Silverware Drawer with Hinged Lid

Made this for my in-laws as a Christmas present. They wanted an inset for their silverware drawer that had a lid to keep critters out.

It’s made from 1/4 and 1/2 oak strips.

For me it was an excercise in dados and pockets. Everything is half lapped. The lid is inset.

The entire piece was cut on the lowrider. I even surfaced the poor glue up on the lid with the LR. Learned a lot from this project even though a lot would have been faster on the table saw.


Looks like it was a lot of fun. That letter looks great looks like it was made for the soft inside corners of a cnc.

Yeah work holding on the letter was a pain though. Not enough surface area for the super glue method to work very well. I think it took 3 tries to get one to completion. First 2 sprayed shrapnel as they pulled up during the cut.

I ended up leaving .1mm of material across the entire letter and cutting it out with an exacto knife.

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Great job. I think we all forget what it would cost us to have our “special projects” made by someone else. Having our own CNC is opening doors for all of us. Plus learning all the ins and outs of putting together the machine and wiring opens our minds a bit. Most of us know our machines inside and out. Perhaps the control board might be beyond some non-electronic minded but that is what the whole group helps with. Having someone who has already encountered and knows the solution to a problem one might run up against is a priceless resource.