Simple dust boot, dw660

I’m trying to find a nice simple dust boot to use with the MPCNC along with my DW660 router. The problem I’m running into is the only design I can find is this one., which requires the removal of the ‘tool free’ spindle lock, which I have no idea how to remove, or even how to look that up as I cant find any tutorials or anything explaining how.

So I either need to design my own, which I honestly dont want to do. Figure out how to remove the tool free spindle lock, or find another that works but doesnt involve the removal of that part (Which I dont like the idea of anyways).

So hopefully you guys can give me a little advice on this, I almost have everything together and really excited to get to really making stuff not just trying to sort out problems as they come!

First, you don’t really need one.

Second, removing that cover on the DeWalt is pretty easy and for a CNC machine, it makes sense.

Thirdly, this one is pretty promising. It needs some beta testers, and you could make any changes you need:

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Oh trust me, I do, I already have a massive mess on my hands from cutting/leveling MDF board that I cant bring myself to even clean completely because I know it will just get messy again till I solve the problem haha.

Hmm might look into that one in the future. but for now, seems I have an easier solution!

Thanks! I’ll be removing that bit right now!